Horwood Bagshaw

Horwood Bagshaw has had extensive experience as a Contract Engineer over a prolonged period with the mining, automotive & wine industries. This has allowed the company to develop welding skills foar mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium, and maintain a solid group of boilermakers/welders, many of whom have been trained by the company.

From the first winnowing machine produced in 1938, Horwood Bagshaw have based their ingenious designs and practical engineering on the needs of Australian farmers.

Today nothing has changed.

The strength and success of Horwood Bagshaw still lies in our ability to incorporate ideas from people who rely on our equipment to maximise their income.

Horwood Bagshaw is renowned for manufacturing quality machinery which combines brilliant design with practical engineering. Horwood's range of Grader Scrapers is no exception. Clever design and practical engineering combine to deliver professional land forming equipment for improved profits from irrigated land.