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18 April 2023
Precision farming has emerged as a revolutionary force in agriculture, offering Australian farmers a powerful weapon to combat challenges such as erratic weather, soil degradation, and escalating input costs. By embracing precision farming practices and cutting-edge technologies, Aussie farmers can optimise their operations, maximise crop yields, and reduce input waste.
17 March 2023
Direct drilling, also known as no-till farming, is a revolutionary method of planting crops that offers a wide range of benefits for farmers and the environment. This technique involves planting seeds directly into the ground without tilling or disturbing the soil, and has been proven to be an eco-friendly and sustainable option for broad-acre farming.
31 January 2022
Fertilisers are essential but expensive. Plant growth will suffer if any one of the sixteen essential nutrients is missing or deficient. In wet conditions such as much of the cropping zones of south-east Australia is experiencing this year, nutrients can be lost from the soil by leaching or washing away with topsoil. Wet and waterlogged conditions will also induce nutrient deficiencies in plants.

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