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Precision Seeding System PSS

The Next Generation of Conservation Tillage

Horwood Bagshaw’s Precision Seeding System incorporates a parallelogram with a dual tine configuration to deliver improved crop results from improved depth control and independent placement of seed and fertiliser. The PSS tine is tough, strong, and reliable because it was designed and tested in Australia to suit Australian farming conditions.

The Horwood Bagshaw Precision Seeding System represents a significant leap in agricultural technology, specifically engineered to thrive in the diverse and challenging Australian farming landscapes. Its design, which combines efficiency with sustainability, is a nod to the evolving needs of modern agriculture.

The system's unparalleled adaptability to various soil conditions, along with its precise seed and fertiliser placement, empowers farmers to achieve uniform crop growth and optimise yield potential. This adaptability is particularly vital in Australia, where farming conditions range from arid interiors to temperate coastal areas.

The PSS Advantage

  • Great flotation by using large tyres & axles.
  • Deeper, more open frame than traditional Scaribar, with 3 rows of tines.
  • Parallelogram opener design improves yield potential through better seed and fertiliser placement.
  • Low-disturbance, edge-on tines reduce fuel consumption, reduce soil disturbance, and restrict the opening to conserve moisture.
  • Hydraulic tine breakout adjustable from 75lbf to 660lbf.
  • The only machine in its class with a rear seeding tine that can pivot for curves and corners or be locked into place.
  • The rear seeding tine can be removed in rough, rocky or wet conditions and seed out of the front tine only.
  • Standard press wheels help optimise seed/soil contact, harvest valuable rainfall, reduce evaporation from loosened soil, and provide shelter for young plants.

Reliability and Support Guaranteed.

Factory Backed Warranty

Horwood Bagshaw machinery is constantly being subjected to tough, everyday on-the-land testing. All our products come with a 12-month warranty. In the unlikely event you need to, please contact our friendly customer service team for warranty claims.

National Dealer Support

For more information on any of Horwood Bagshaw's great Australian made farm equipment and agricultural machinery, or to arrange a demonstration, please don't hesitate to contact your local Horwood Bagshaw dealer today.