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Level land with
better results

Professional land forming from Horwood Bagshaw

The Horwood Bagshaw Grader Scraper is the machine against which all others are measured. The product of excellent engineering that has relied on a close connection to our customers and their needs, the Series 3 Horwood Bagshaw Grader Scraper shows that the best can get even better.

The Horwood Bagshaw Grader Scraper is the ultimate solution if you are looking to improve your grading and scraping operations. With its high-quality construction, advanced features, and ease of use, this machine is designed to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Investing in the Horwood Bagshaw Grader Scraper machine is an investment in your farm's future.

Ripper Assembly

Plate has been added to the ripper section in a number of locations. The drawbar has a connection plate added to the rear of the front ripper beam.


300mm high walls have been added to the bucket to increase capacity and reduce spillage. To improve fill, the bucket spreader beam has been lifted and widened at the top.

The side plates have been modified to avoid clashes when tipping a bucket with a closed apron. A knock-through hole has been added to the side wall to aid removal of the bucket lift cylinder pin.

Rear Frame

The rear frame side beams have been strengthened with plates on the inside and outside. A plate has been added to the top of the side beam to reduce spillage from the front edge of the bucket. A rear tow hitch has been added for towing ancillary equipment. ‘Oversize’ flag holders have been added to the front and rear corners of the machine.


Cylinders have upgraded high alloy chrome rods, glands, wipers and scans. Larger greasable pins are used for the bucket and main lift cylinders.


The side panel has been ‘scalloped’ to avoid clashes between the bucket and the apron. Longer bolts have been provided for attaching the apron pivot block to the wings.

Longer bolts have been provided for attaching the apron pivot block to the wings.


Reinforcement plate has been added to the outside of the wing upright. The wing extension has been increased in height to contain more soil.

Banking Ripper

A banking ripper has been added to the outer front corner to increase protection of side components during deep cuts and reduce wear on the side skirt plates when trimming.

A Frame

A Frame stays modified with web plates all the way through


Drawbar strengthened with plate on the sides and top. Side plates are continuous from front to back.
With its versatile design and advanced features, this machine is designed to improve your farming operations and save you money.

Horwood Bagshaw Grader Scrapers deliver professional land forming for improved profits from irrigated land.

  • 13’6” designed to deliver a transport width of 4.5m to make moving a machine simpler with less hassle.
  • Structural steel frame is built to last.
  • Heavy-duty bucket crafted from a single piece of steel.
  • Front-mounted ripper section is height-controlled easily with its own hydraulic rams.
  • Hardened pivots and heavy-duty pins with replaceable bushes for greater strength and longer life.
  • Large diameter steel hydraulic lines make Grader Scraper movements steady, reliable, and easy.
  • Standard cross leveller gives all Grader Scrapers the ability to trim and cut to a gradient.
  • Optional tandem configuration means you can move twice as much material per load, saving time and operating costs.

Reliability and Support Guaranteed.

Factory Backed Warranty

Horwood Bagshaw machinery is constantly being subjected to tough, everyday on-the-land testing. All our products come with a 12-month warranty. In the unlikely event you need to, please contact our friendly customer service team for warranty claims.

National Dealer Support

For more information on any of Horwood Bagshaw's great Australian made farm equipment and agricultural machinery, or to arrange a demonstration, please don't hesitate to contact your local Horwood Bagshaw dealer today.