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About Horwood Bagshaw

Local History

Founded in 1838, Horwood Bagshaw stands as one of the oldest and most established manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Australia. Throughout its 185-year history, the company has consistently upheld a reputation for excellence, characterized by its commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. This has earned Horwood Bagshaw a place of prestige within the agricultural industry, both in Australia and globally. As we mark the 185th anniversary of Horwood Bagshaw in 2023, we are presented with a rare opportunity to delve into the company’s rich history, celebrate its significant achievements, and look forward to its promising future.

The Early Years

Horwood Bagshaw was founded by John Stokes Bagshaw, who established the Pioneer Works in Elizabeth St Adelaide, South Australia in 1838. In the early years, the Pioneer Works focused on producing a range of tools and equipment for various industries, including mining and agriculture. John Henry Horwood also established his own company, JH Horwood & Co, in 1882, which produced hydraulic hoists, wool-scouring machines and well-boring tools.

In 1924, JH Horwood & Co was acquired by JS Bagshaw & Sons Ltd, and the two companies merged to form Horwood Bagshaw Ltd. The new company continued to produce a range of tools and equipment for various industries, including agriculture, and soon became known for its high-quality products and innovative designs.

The 1950s and Beyond

In the 1950s, Horwood Bagshaw underwent significant changes, with the Mile End plant being reorganised into one of the most modern foundries in the southern hemisphere. The company also began exporting its machinery to South Africa and South East Asia, and by the 1960s, the Horwood Bagshaw group of companies was manufacturing the largest range of agricultural implements offered by one manufacturer in Australia.

At its prime, Horwood Bagshaw employed a significant number of personnel, with almost 1,000 employees in Australia. In 1972, the company made an acquisition that would shape its future, acquiring David Shearer located in Mannum, South Australia. This acquisition allowed Horwood Bagshaw to consolidate its operations at the Mannum site, which remains the company's manufacturing facility to this day. In 1974, the company made the strategic decision to relocate its entire operations from two Adelaide sites to Mannum, which was followed by a comprehensive redevelopment of its factory.

Over the years, Horwood Bagshaw has continued to expand its product range and improve its manufacturing processes, and today the company offers a comprehensive range of high-quality agricultural machinery and equipment, including cultivators, drills, air seeders, spreaders and more.

Recent Developments and Future Plans

In 2018, Horwood Bagshaw was acquired by CNH Industrial, a leading global manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment. The acquisition has allowed Horwood Bagshaw to expand its reach and offer its products to a wider market, while also giving the company access to CNH Industrial’s extensive resources, expertise and technology.

Horwood Bagshaw has established itself as a leading producer of agricultural machinery and the company's commitment to producing high-quality products has resulted in a steady stream of offerings that are sold through more than 80 dealerships located throughout the country.

Horwood Bagshaw has earned a reputation for providing reliable, durable, and re-sellable products, as well as exceptional after-sales support. This has resulted in many Australian farmers choosing to purchase Horwood Bagshaw machinery for their operations. The company's seed drill/cart product has been particularly successful, capturing over 15% of the Australian market. Additionally, Horwood Bagshaw's grader scraper has found success in the irrigation sector.

Current products in the market

Horwood Bagshaw provides a variety of tillage implements and land-forming equipment. The Scaribars are versatile and can be used for a range of tillage activities, boasting a reputation for being tough, strong, and reliable. The Grader/Scrapers offer increased profitability in irrigated lands, while their Precision Seeding System optimizes soil conservation and seeding performance. This system combines the ground-following capabilities of Horwood Bagshaw's Parallelogram and Presswheel with the versatility of variable rate Airseeders, yielding benefits such as improved soil structure, minimal soil disturbance, enhanced seed placement, and reduced fertiliser toxicity.

In addition to Airseeders and tillage products, Horwood Bagshaw also offers a range of fertiliser spreading solutions for farmers. Their trailed spreaders come equipped with twin chain conveyors for efficient fertiliser spreading, and their True Variable Width Spreaders feature patented Twin Chain Technology. This innovative technology provides complete control over the spread width and ensures compatibility with existing equipment.

Horwood Bagshaw offers a comprehensive lineup of agricultural products, from Airseeders and tillage implements to fertiliser spreading equipment. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and versatility, their solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern farmers.

Australian Quality

CNH Industrial is committed to local industry. The design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of Horwood Bagshaw products has, and always will be carried out right here in Australia, using local knowledge and local skills. That is why Horwood Bagshaw’s products now proudly carry the internationally recognised Australian Made logo. Whenever you see this logo on one of our products, you can be confident it has been designed and engineered by Australians for tough Australian farming conditions. Australian Made… your guarantee of quality.
Australian Made logo

Global Confidence

CNH Industrial is a global leader in capital goods that implements design, manufacturing, distribution, commercial and financial activities in international markets. Through our various businesses, we make vehicles that keep agriculture and industry growing. From tractors and combines to trucks and buses, as well as powertrain solutions for on-road and off-road and marine vehicles, we design, produce and sell machines for work. Present in all major markets worldwide, CNH Industrial is focused on expanding its presence in high-growth markets, including through joint ventures.

Reliability and Support Guaranteed.

Factory Backed Warranty

Horwood Bagshaw machinery is constantly being subjected to tough, everyday on-the-land testing. All our products come with a 12-month warranty. In the unlikely event you need to, please contact our friendly customer service team for warranty claims.

National Dealer Support

For more information on any of Horwood Bagshaw's great Australian made farm equipment and agricultural machinery, or to arrange a demonstration, please don't hesitate to contact your local Horwood Bagshaw dealer today.